Quadrophenia 2 - The Sequel is Being Produced!

Posted by | February 12, 2014 |
Quadrophenia 2
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I got all excited in the stomach when I heard the news that there is a sequel to the 1979 movie Quadrophenia.

It was revealed back in October that Bill Curbishley, the man who produced the original movie, was working on a script for a sequel to Quadrophenia.

Just to refresh the memory, here’s a trailer of the original:

This new movie will be set in the 1970′s; the journey of young Jimmy Cooper (originally played by Phil Daniels) carries on 10 years after the original storyline. Whether or not our home town Brighton will be involved in the story is yet to be confirmed.

I’m sure there will be a lot of both scepticism and pure excitement about this.. We will update you on any further news as and when we have it!

Until then, just sit back and enjoy the original 1973 album by The Who:


There is also news that Peter Meadows’ books, ‘To Be Someone‘ & ‘To Be Someone 2‘ have also been considered for the storyline of the 2nd Quadrophenia movie.

Quadrophenia booksSource: Twitter

quadrophenia 2
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Peter Meadows Update:

Since this was posted, it has certainly made some great discussion! Here’s the latest update from Peter himself regarding his books, and the status of the film:

Quadrophenia Sequel

Peter states that the actor, screenwriter, producer & director, Ray Burdis wants to direct this movie.

Pete Townshend Update:

There have also been rumours that Pete Townshend’s “White City” project could also play a part of a sequel, which can be heard/watched below:

Whether it is Bill Curbishley’s script, Peter Meadows’ books or Townshend’s project that is used, we are sure to see some sort of sequel in the next coming years.

What are your thoughts on a sequel to Quadrophenia?
Let us know in the comments box below!

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  • steve clark

    I want to be in it

    • My Little Scooter

      I’m sure we all do, Steve! And I’m sure there will be an opportunity for many Modernists/Scooterists to audition when casting begins. Let’s hope so anyway.

  • Dora’s twin sister

    Oh Dear

  • tony butterworth

    if the script is up to it then it might have a chance,my worry is who will be playing JIMMY 10yrs latter??? not sure if I could get my head around that BIG PROBLEM!!

    • My Little Scooter

      One of the scripts will be up to it.. There have been many talks about this in recent months and there is certainly progress being made! We will be doing an interview with Peter Meadows in the next few weeks once we’ve read his books, which are in the post.

      The casting team will have a task on their hands, that’s for sure. Wondering whether they will be looking for well-known actors or looking for people with not as much acting experience (like they did for the original)?

  • Nathan Wilson

    Question is will the soundtrack be up to scratch. The Who’s album forms the backbone to the movie and to be honest makes it.

    Would Townsend and Daltrey be involved?

    • My Little Scooter

      GREAT QUESTION! I’m sure Townsend/Daltrey would want to be involved again. SURELY they would be involved.. But, who knows? They might decide to get a youngster to do a soundtrack to try appeal to the ‘younger audiences’..

      • Nathan Wilson

        Ahh you see the album came first so maybe Pete T being the man he is will say no. Then again he may say yes.

        Oh god as a life long Who fan I would love a Quadrophenia sequel album BUT would I enjoy it


        • My Little Scooter

          I think this is the reason the idea of a sequel has always been dangerous territory..
          Time will tell!

  • Julie Fletcher

    I’m a little apprehensive about it……Quadrophenia is a cult film, and captured a moment in time for me that will never be recreated, best days ever. As people say the album and soundtrack is key to the film, I would go and see it but would be disappointed if it didn’t live up to the original. Has there ever been a great sequel to a film?? other maybe The Terminator films…………………

    • scootagent

      Can’t see how it can have much, if any connection to scooters if it follows the natural progression of the time. May well make a half decent Brit gang/crime film set in the 70s but not much in the way of mod…much like Pete’s book

      • http://www.mylittlescooter.com/ Josh Salvage

        I can see it going this way too. I think there will be many films released that would have been inspired by Quadrophenia, but the one that everybody will be apprehensive about is the film that officially has QUADROPHENIA in the title.

        Have you read Pete’s books?

      • bazza

        maybe if it moved forward from the mod generation to the scooter boy generation ?

    • My Little Scooter

      Thanks for the comment Julie. There is no doubt you would be apprehensive about an official sequel to Quadrophenia.. I’d say about less than 1% of movie sequels are better than the originals! Time will only tell.

  • https://www.facebook.com/the.itch.accrington.england The-itch Accrington England

    If there are gonna be any bands to be used in the film, please consider us :) Thanks, Dave (drums) – The itch.

  • Paul Needs

    Thought that Townshend’s “White City” project was a sort of sequel?

    • My Little Scooter

      Interesting.. Is there anywhere in particular you heard/read this, Paul?
      Would be good to look further into it then there could potentially be yet another update on this article!

      • Paul Needs

        Such a long time ago, I think it was mentioned on an episode of ‘The South Bank Show’ which featured Townshend making the White City film/album.

  • Gixey

    Utter wank. PX’s, targets, union jacks, mods in docs ffs. Cut down choppers, skellys.

    Not MOD!


    I would love that to happen. If you notice the beginning of the film is actually the end of the film. If there is going to be a Quadrophenia 2 then please let me be in it.

  • Stephen Hacking

    As a 1st generation mod this sequel is long overdue, great times many memories KTF always

  • Max Jones

    I don’t know about carrying on with mod being that it’s based in the 70s, but I can definitely see Jimmy spending his days at the Northern Soul places like the Twisted Wheel or Wigan Casino. Then that way there will still be a killer soundtrack, lots of dancing and drugs. Maybe Jimmy becomes a skinhead around 1968 and the face makes an appearance and he looks all psychedelic? I just hope they don’t make a hash of it.

  • Jay Marriott

    Shane Meadows would put a good angle on it – shame the sequel is so far apart – Jimmy could have become part of a Football firm….

  • lanesra04

    i see why people are a little apprehensive about it.. But i just love a good British film.. lets hope it lives up to its name and doesnt tarnish the brilliance of the first one..
    PS – Can i be in it?

  • Jason Limey Phoenix

    how and why , you cant have the original cast the mods v rockers scene is no more and the who half of them are sadly no longer with us this is a big mistake and must not happen sorry i think it is a bad idea

  • John Finch

    Maybe James Cooper marries & he has a kid who ends up being a mod in the revival of ’79! Now that would be a good script! All that great music from ’78-’80!

  • who are you

    this is really bad news .!if it’s anyway near based on that ridiculous badly written load of crap book ‘to be someone’

    • http://www.mylittlescooter.com/ Josh Salvage

      I’m reading the book now.. In terms of literacy and it being novel, yes, it’s ridiculously ‘badly written’.
      I’m feeling that it’s already half-way into a script, as the majority of the content is dialogue. In the updates we’ve posted, it seems ‘To Be Someone’ will more than likely be produced into a movie- and an awesome one at that- but probably won’t be the official Quadrophenia sequel.. Just inspired by it.

  • Tib Fodor

    I think all the apprehension is understandable, however i think that since fashions come and go maybe the time is right for a film like this. Yes, i honestly don’t think there can bea sequel that will do justice to the original, but most of us elder scooterists are harping on about new blood coming into the scene, thiis could be the injection in the arm the scene is waiting for and bring youngsters into the fold and all the good that would do.

  • Mark Fleming


  • jim

    If its going to be set 10 years later (1975) wheres the Mod connection ?

  • Dave Woodruff

    As im massive fan would love to see this go ahead and yes it wont be as good as original but still would be so much people can relate to so im sure it would be a great hit again just as the original was….WeAreTheMods


    great news to see a sequel to this timeless classic – would love a chance to appear in Q2!

  • Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

    Quadrophenia was the definitive Mod film, I can remember loads of kids becoming mods because of it. As a skinhead, there hasn’t been a film that I can think of that hit the nail on the head, as I see ‘the way of life’ through my eyes. But to make a sequel to Quadrophenia would be cringeworthy, or at least I would hope it was not. Still, if it gets off the ground, good luck with it.

    • http://www.mylittlescooter.com/ Josh Salvage

      Of course nobody would want a sequel to replicate the original. It needs to stand for itself and have its own quality in itself- not necessarily focusing so much on ‘mods’..

      Thanks for the comment Chris, appreciate your opinion on this one!

      • Chris ‘Rab’ Butler

        I’m more bothered about cheesy one liners/hammy acting and such like. If it comes off good then fine, go for it. Bit like the Minder on Channel 5 and with Ray, complete shite. There was only one Terry McCann!!

  • Al C

    Man, this album and film meant so much to me when I first heard/ saw them in 1980, when I was already a very young modernist, 10 years old.
    As a body of work although completed many years apart they have influenced and touched so many lives. I’d love for this to happen if it could be done faithfully, and without tarnishing Townsends work. The album was beautiful, emotional, powerful, and the film fully brought the story to life.
    It’s a cherished thing, if it gets done, do it right.

  • John Bianchet

    Imagine if in 1978/9 original Mods said no to Quodrophenia and it wasn’t produced. I and many many thousands of other people wouldn’t have got into the scene. Bring it on i say. 100%. If it spoofs yet another Mod revival then in my book that’s a good thing. Sure it’ll bring on a few who’ll only see it as a fad, but that small hardcore group who’ll stay involved (i.e me after the first film) can only be a good thing for the best scene in the world.

  • http://www.mylittlescooter.com/ Josh Salvage

    When reading the book all I can hear is Jimmy’s voice in my head.. So many (especially actors/producers) would say it’s fantastically written!