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Vespa crash
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So I recently had a very minor accident on my scooter.. She took a little scratch down her left side; which I think makes Penelope look a bit cooler, with a story to tell. Kind of like a tattoo, except realistically it’s just a scar..

This was nothing too major to worry about, as I’m planning to give her a cheeky make-over after the new year!

Either way, it’s a nice reminder that I need to be careful on the road. You know what they say..

A saying I’ve heard from many experienced riders..

It may have been a little slip that I took,
but how dangerous are motorcycles, really?

A quick look at crash statistics could frighten anyone who is thinking about riding a scooter or motorcycle. This infographic shows that motorcycle riders are much more susceptible to bodily injury and death than riders in passenger vehicles.

One of the more surprising statistics in the infographic is that 21% of motorcycle crashes involve a rider with an invalid license, while only 14% of car accidents involve an invalid license. Well, they’re quick getaway vehicles..

This doesn’t necessarily mean that underage riders are the only ones involved. In fact, the average age of riders has actually risen since 2001. A fact that really surprises me is more than half of the people killed in motorcycle accidents in 2010 were 40-years-old or older, which is significantly higher than the 25% from 1995- the veterans need to be careful.

So, it’s not the underage riders causing this high statistic for drivers without a valid license. Between 2001 and 2008, the higher rates of death and injury were in the age range of 20-years-old to 24-years-old. That statistic was followed by the 25-to-29-year-olds. These are drivers who are old enough to operate a motorbike, so what’s causing the high percentage of crashes involving invalid licenses?

One reason could be alcohol. The majority of individuals who receive a DR10 or DR40 are repeat offenders, and because alcohol is involved in one out of three motorcycle accidents, it’s likely that there is an overlap between these two groups. Riders who have had their license revoked for intoxicated driving are getting into accidents. So, one lesson to take out of this- whether you’re on a car or a bike- DON’T DRINK & DRIVE. This, of course, goes for both cars and bikes – because one thing the stats don’t show are whose fault the accidents actually were. One silly mistake by somebody driving a car can end a biker’s life.

Let me know your thoughts on these stats below…

This infographic on motorcycle safety is presented by the attorneys at Sutliff and Stout: expert auto accident lawyers in Houston.

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  • Wendi Coe

    Thank you for all that info. I was looking to see if there was a difference between scooters and motorcycles. Im guessing that not really would be the answer after reading all this. But it does give me perspective.